Trenchless Water Line Replacements "Pipe Slitters"....

The process couldn't be much simpler...
Dig small entry pits at the house and the main
to expose the pipe. Thread the slitter cable
through the line and attach the new copper, poly or PVC pipe to the threaded portion of the tool.
Pull the slack out of the cable and attach the
cable clamp. Use a Backhoe or winch to pull
the cable. Water Line Slitter will split the old poly pipe or pull the old lead or galvanized pipe
through the ground, simultaneously installing
the new pipe. Reconnect the new pipe to the
main and the house. Fill in the small pits and restore the surface.

Quick and Cost Effective Service Line Replacement:
Waterline slitters are a profitable trenchless solution for water line service replacement. The HammerHead® Waterline Slitter water service replacement system is a portable, cost-effective and efficient method of replacing ¾ " to 1” service pipes in a minimum amount of time while eliminating costly excavation and surface repair.

Environmentally friendly:
Waterline slitter systems require small pits, reducing the amount of excavation and associated surface disruption, resulting in an environmentally
friendly project.

Proven track record:
We have used this method for over 8 years and saved our customers thousands of dollars and countless hours of home rehab work. The other method was to jackhammer the floor and dig under the slab to fix a leaky water service . That would leave you with a large bill and a need for a serious amount of home restoration.